Proudly cleaning rooftops and removing moss in Graham and surronding areas since 1999, Mike's Window Cleaning is a fast and friendly service that gets the job done right everytime.

Mike's Window Cleaning Moss Services include:

  1. Hand removal of moss
  2. Sweeping or blowing of any other debris
  3. Applying a moss preventative (Non-chemical preventative available upon request)
  4. Removal of loose moss from your gutters after the job is done
  5. Bag up job related debris

When it comes to your roof, moss prevention is always the key, but sometimes also the road less traveled. Like windows, it can be time consuming and dangerous if not properly equipped or experienced. However, moss removal prevents roof damage and is thus cost effective in the long run: It will add to the lifetime of your roof.

Moss buildup on roofs erodes the surface, can lift shingles, and retains moisture that prompts decay and leakage.

Moss thrives in damp, shaded locations and grows quickest in rainy weather; unfortunately this describes much of our weather in The Great Northwest. Moss is usually found on north slopes of roofs, and houses shaded by overhanging trees. You can control moss by removing these overhanging tree branches, but this option may not always be desirable or feasible. If not, scraping away as much moss as possible, and applying a moss replant will help.

Depending on the location of your home and it surroundings a moss prevention service is a yearly recommendation. Whether it is a quick clearing of debris from your roof or a chemical application, we can provide you with the service needed to protect your home. Our moss removal services include a hand removal of any moss, and sweeping of the roof.