Proudly cleaning those clogged up and dirty gutters in Graham and surronding areas since 1999. Mike's Window Cleaning is a fast and friendly service that gets the job done right everytime.

Mike's Window Cleaning will provide the following:

  1. Clean debris from your roof
  2. Hand-clean your entire gutter system
  3. Check downspouts for any blockages
  4. Hose wash the gutters inside and out, to remove loose debris (upon request)
  5. Check underground drains if any
  6. Bag up the job related debris

Gutters, just like roofs, need proper preventative care, most property owners get their gutters cleaned only when they notice a problem. By that time, your property may have already suffered water damage. Full gutters become heavy and may sag, taking away from the beauty and value of your property. Overflowing gutters not only cause unsightly puddles in your garden or yard, but allow water to travel behind the gutter causing damage to the soffit and fascia boards.

The best, most thorough way to protect your gutters is to clean your gutters on a consistent schedule, we recommend twice a year. Cleaning in the spring will clear out any fallen branches or sticks that may have dropped during winter. Fall cleanings are essential for clearing out leaves, pine needles/cones, seed pods, and other miscellaneous items (balls, toys, nests, etc).

As always, we take a quality approach to gutter cleaning providing our clients with the assurance of a professional job every time. We offer commercial and residential gutter cleaning.