what not to do on roofs

To start out I have always believed in not pressure washing roofs. I went to this clients house located in puyallup for the first time a few days ago. In the past I have cleaned his rentals. I went up in his roof and went to work. I noticed that the shingles were extremely tender for a seven year old roof. I asked him how he cleaned his roof in the past and it was pressure washing. Also part of his vent was leaking. I could tell that it was because right below the vent the wood was soft. So I would strongly recommend against that type of roof cleaning. I on the other hand scrub lightly with a thin bristled brush aund a broom.

gutter repair in north tacoma

After quickly realizing that the gutter hanging off the roof was not because of it being full. I looked closer and the new roof that was just installed had been installed incorrectly. The roofing material was between the fascia and the gutter. So when the roof water would flow off it first made contact with bare wood. My first thought was I hope my client kept his receipts. Fortunately when I left it was working properly.

roof cleaning in steilacoom

I was called out to steilacoom yesterday in this wonderful 72 degree weather. Originally it was gutters only. After looking at the roof I realized they have some unwanted company (moss).The weather that we were having posed a problem. The reason is i like the rain when im cleaning roofs. Makes it easier for me.  That’s the part of our puget sound weather that i like when im cleaning roofs.  The reason is the rain washes the preventative solution over the roof.

window maintenance

Cleaning your Windows at times is undervalued. When you avoid cleaning your windows or have a lawn watering system hit your Windows for years you will have irreparable damage. I cleaned a new clients windows today located on south hill in puyallup.  At this point it has not been cleaned in over eleven years. Which resulted in longer on job time and also windows that looked sub-par. Not because of lack of my experience but because of lack of mainetance. Always a good idea to avoid water standing on your Windows as much as possible in Washington. Glass is some what soft and can be damaged.